Train Washers   


The "Train Washers" are the back bone of the train. Under the guidance of the Station Master Mr Gasperino Ciantar (or just Reno to his friends0 they maintain the grounds of the Train while also carrying out the basic maintenance.

This group meets at 0730am each Thursday when they under take the cleaning, mowing hedge trimming etc as part of the normal Thursday clean up. We ensure that there is no pension work under taken on the Thursday to give the crew full run of the train carriages, platform and station buildings.

Apart from carrying out the normal Thursday duties they are also responsible for the other areas involving Ceremonial Days. This can involve setting out of chairs for visitors, acting as Catafalque party, Ushers etc.

Again this is all a purely voluntary group. It is however probably the best and easiest way for retired veterans to begin to find a worthwhile place for themselves in their newly found environment.

The Fishing Club is also run by the washers and most social events such as Mothers Day and Fathers Day BBQs as well as our regular end of month BBQ breakfast are all run by the washers.

It goes without saying that this merry bunch of caballeros' is open to anyone to join. It matters not whether you have any particular trade skills or not. Anyone who is capable of pushing a broom right through to the highest trade skilled worker is welcome, and the post work deliberation of morning tea and coffee taken while occupying the "Seat of Wisdom" will bring any one with too much self importance flowing through their veins back to earth.



 Trainwashers Latest Project - July 2014

The boys at the Train have never been short of a challenging project to keep them occupied between cups of coffee on a Monday morning. If they're not painting some part of the Train, tiling the kitchen floor, partitioning a video room in a carriage, or just solving the problems of the world, then they'll take on the reconstruction of a 'gun carriage' from scratch.

The photos here show some of the craftsmen at work on this latest effort (on the right as at 14 July 2014). There's usually a surplus of supervisors (must have been officers) to ensure no mistakes from the 'workers' (i.e. the Troopers).

 Train Report for October 2011

Our erstwhile Station Master recently celebrated a special day and was assisted in the celebration by a bunch of rowdy Train Washers. Reno Happy Birthday. [And a special thanks to Mrs Sam and Mrs Eric, who both cooked up a storm for the day. Mrs Sam's special cake was magnificent and was enjoyed by many!]

 Train Report for July 2011

Just a brief update: The Train Washers are proceeding with the usual level of enthusiasm for the job (see the photos 'trio' and 'dreaming' three painters to a pole). The painting is still progressing with some rails and other smaller items all that's left for a coat. Congratulations to Reno, Mick, John, Paul, Ron, Ken, Dave and all others who have lent a hand or some verbal advice and encouragement it's all been duly noted. The July Breakfast was another success, with guest speakers and birthday celebrations (well done JB).

 Train Report for April 2011

The train washers still meet every Thursday and do the grass hedges, and clean the train and station and all are welcome. The washers that come in on Monday have almost completed painting the station house - the new doors are on the toilets; the awning is all-but complete; and we are ready to move inside and paint.

Under Michael Power's supervision, and with the willing workers, we are getting things done at a great rate of knots, and as long as the 'fishy one' has enough money and Bunnings keep up their help, we will get it all done.

Big thanks to Michael for giving so freely of his time and to Bunnings for their generosity and help.

And to the men that come in to do the work.


Honour the Dead
But Fight Like Hell for the Living

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